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MONT Cloud Distribution

MONT Cloud Platform – make earnings out of cloud services!


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Make earnings out of cloud services!

Regular Income

Move your customers to the Cloud Subscriptions and earn more.

Cloud services - high margins, steady monthly guaranteed income, and the ability of packaging with its services. Automated accounting and renewal of subscriptions allow MONT partners to earn money without any financial and time costs, offering their customers Cloud services directly from the leading Cloud service providers as well as under their own trademark.

Full Set of Services

Get 100% accurate accounting for Cloud services used by your customers, as well as a convenient notification system.

Choose the most convenient option for management: automated through API or web-portal.

Use the ready display for customers, customized according to your needs.

Take a part in the special promotions of MONT!

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Tech Support

Get a free 24/7 technical support of the first level: subscription management, user and access management, receiving information.

In addition, you can use paid engineering support of the second level: migration, setting, integration and other services upon the request of the partner.


Connection options for the partner

Electronic Display

MONT offers a web display of cloud services designed for the end users and under the trademark of the partner. The display contains the full range of cloud services platform, which can be managed. The partner pursues its own pricing policy.


Connection of MONT Cloud Distribution to the accounting, billing systems of the partner for the automatization of payments and the exchange of information.

Web Portal

Partner’s Web Interface for managing cloud services, as well as getting financial and statistical information.