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Rake it in with us

Develop your cloud business!

Add Cloud services to those, that hosting companies provide to their customers. Internal services are used by the hosting companies as backup platforms, business applications, large storages and many other cases

Connect! And you will receive:

  • Cloud products with the right to setup on the customer computers 
  • Monthly payment for the actual use at the end of each month (similar to SPLA) 
  • Tech support of Partners’ Customers with the MONT efforts 
  • Automatic billing system 
  • Personal account for monitoring the subscriptions of the customers and payment settlement with MONT

Monthly Payment

Monthly payment according to actual service consumption

Subscription Monitoring

Monitoring the customers' subscription status

Automatic Calculation

Automatic calculation of the cost of subscriptions for customers for the reporting period

MONT Support

Telephone tech support of customers with MONT efforts