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Personal cloud with zero problems

Licensing under the monthly payment terms provides previously unavailable flexibility in using a software.

Building a Personal Cloud

The leading vendors provide software for building the private clouds (infrastructure in customers' the data centers) on the terms of a monthly payment. These programs are being used for licensing service providers.

Licensing on terms of monthly payment provides the maximum flexibility of software usage, allowing paying only the necessary volume and thereby significantly reducing the costs. Also building the personal cloud waives IT agencies and integrators from responsibility to select the type and usage volume of the software.

Microsoft SPLA

Лицензирование партнера для оказания услуг конечному клиенту с помесячной оплатой. Применяется как для размещения ресурсов в ЦОДах, так и внутри инфраструктуры клиента.


Добавить свое решение

Приглашаем облачных поставщиков, распространяющих свои сервисы по партнерской модели. 

Connection options for the partner

Electronic Display

MONT offers a web display of cloud services designed for the end users and under the trademark of the partner. The display contains the full range of cloud services platform, which can be managed. The partner pursues its own pricing policy.


Connection of MONT Cloud Distribution to the accounting, billing systems of the partner for the automatization of payments and the exchange of information.

Web Portal

Partner’s Web Interface for managing cloud services, as well as getting financial and statistical information.