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MONT Technical Support

Beyond any doubt that access to the important documents, the ability to timely send a letter or document - the necessary conditions for proper functioning of businesses of all sizes. So the situation is more critical when the recently properly functioning system suddenly fails 

First level Technical Support

Free technical support includes the following services:
    1. Submitting/Deleting a subscription
    2. Submitting/deleting/changing the user details and password
    3. Information about the personal account, blocking after the lack of funds, exhaustion of limits
    4. Consultations on the installation and activation of the desktop Office (Internet access, frequency of activation, scenario in case of another activation absence) 
    5. Consultations on the settings of customer's workplaces:
      • MicrosoftOutlook
      • iPhone (built-in mail client)
      • Android (built-in mail client)
    6. Consultations on the functional capabilities of Office 365


The respons to an application:

        1. Each application is assigned a unique number;
        2. When applying by e-mail, a number is sent to the applicant in the header of the response letter ;
        3. Initial response to an application includes:
    • Identification of the current CSP subscriptions purchased through MONT;
    • Classification of the treatment according to the criteria: the service is available / partially available / unavailable;
    • Confirmation of the receiving application for processing.

Second Level Tech Support

Upon request of a partner providing cloud services to the end-user, following services can be provided for additional fee:                                                           
  1. SPAM issues (identifying causes of emerging spam messages or causes of messages disappearing) 
  2. Migration of postal box content in Office 365 
  3. Integration with ADclient, hybrid scenes
  4. Tech support on partner’s behalf



Our advantages

Support 24/7

Customer support 24/7/365 by telephone or e-mail.

The warranty on the work performed

The first line technical support of the Cloud service portal customers 24/7 by telephone or e-mail.

High technical competence

A large partner network (more than 5 000 partners in Russia and CIS countries